Thursday, March 3, 2011

Manila airport to drop general aviation

The Philippine authorities are looking at moving general aviation out of Manila's Ninoy Aquino International airport in two years' time, in an effort to create space on the airport's congested runways.
The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) plans to transfer general aviation to other national airports outside Manila, says a senior source in the CAAP.
"Our director-general has already met with the airport, and has decided that this will happen in two years," he adds.
Manila's airport, which has three terminals and two runways, will continue to serve general aviation for the time being, says the source.
Airlines in the South-East Asian country have previously called for the airport to ban general and business aircraft from operating on its runways to help ease congestion.
Philippine low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific says it had to delay almost 6,800 flights in 2010 as a result of air traffic issues in Manila. The hold-ups totalled about 633h.
Air traffic congestion in Ninoy Aquino International can cause delays "from 4min to 81min per flight", says Cebu Pacific's vice-president for flight operations Victor Custodio.
"International airports such as Singapore do not have pilot schools or general aviation operating out of their country's premiere gateways. We see the CAAP's efforts to lessen air traffic in Manila as a very positive move that can only gain positive results for all passengers.

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