Friday, February 18, 2011

EVE Online Developer Diary Talks Captain`s Quarters and Incarna Expansion


CCP has started a series of developer diaries talking about the upcoming features for EVE Online and the Incarna Expansion set for later this year as another staged release (a bit at a time in other words). One of the major new features will be the Captain’s Quarters, which also happens to be the focus of the first developer diary. Here’s a bit of info from it:

This dev blog is specifically about Captain’s Quarters. It’s coming to Singularity test server beforeFanfest and hitting Tranquility and your computers this summer. We’ll be talking about design details and technical aspects in later dev blogs and Fanfest is where we’ll uncover what will happen after this feature. As CCP Zulu mentioned in his last dev blog, Incarna will follow a similar staged deployment strategy as EVE Online: Incursion is currently using—namely more frequent, smaller deployments of polished features rather than having you wait for the big expansions.

Captain’s Quarters are your place of power, center of your control, operational nucleus, living room and home office. They are the dusty motel room for the vagabond capsuleer. Whether docking your ship to a station or entering EVE for the first time through the character creation, you will enter the Captain’s Quarters as the living, breathing EVE You. It’s a new dimension of immersion. For all players ( the future newbies/future points on your killboard), it finally gives EVE a human face, a sense of familiarity to "real life" and other games.

Check out the first bit of concept art that’s come out of the developers below and head to the dev blog to read the whole post by CCP Chilliad.






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