Thursday, February 24, 2011

recorded as safest year in aviation industry

It was a safe year for air travellers. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), 2010 saw least number of accidents in the sky. The ratio of accidents is down to one in 1.6 million flights. IATA revealed this data claiming that this proves that air travel is very safe.

About the safest year for air passenger transport, IATA directory general and chief executive, Giovanni Besignan said this Wednesday, "Safety is the number one priority (for aviation industry). The lowest accident rate in the history of aviation shows that this commitment is bearing results. Flying is safe."

According to IATA, 2010 saw an accident rate of 0.61 accidents per million flights that includes aircrafts built by giant aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus. 2009 saw 0.71 accidents per million flights, which means one accident per 1.4 million flights. According to IATA data, in 2010, 2.4 billion passengers flew in 36.8 million flights. Also, 2010 recorded 17 major accidents when compared to 19 major accidents in 2009.

2.4 billion people flew safely on 36.8 million flights (28.4 million jet, 8.4 million turboprop). When compared to 2001 data, the drop in accidents rate is 42%, which should be a big motivation for air travelers.

Credit for this success definitely goes to airlines. But IATA also had its own efforts. It made IATA Operational Safety Audit mandatory for IATA membership from 1 April 2009. Now there are 234 member airlines are IOSA registered, and a total of 350 registered airlines.






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