Thursday, February 17, 2011

Philippine envoy's message crucial to Taiwan's next move: MOFA

 Taiwan's next move in the efforts to resolve a diplomatic dispute with the Philippines will depend on who Manila sends to Taipei to deal with the issue and what the envoy says, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) official said Thursday.

"The Philippines is expected to announce soon its its choice of an envoy, who should arrive in Taiwan within a week, " MOFA spokesman James Chang told reporters. "Our response will be contingent on who the envoy is and what message he or she brings."

Taiwan and its southern neighbor have been engaged in a diplomatic row over the Philippines' deportation of 14 Taiwanese fraud suspects to China Feb. 2.

Arguing that Manila had ignored its jurisdiction rights, Taiwan subsequently implemented punitive measures against the Philippines, including tighter visa screening of Philippine nationals seeking to work in Taiwan.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said last week that he would send an emissary to Taiwan to explain his administration's actions in the matter.

According to the Philippine media, Manuel Roxas, a close friend of the president who once served as the Philippines' trade and industry minister, has been selected to head the mission to Taiwan.

Taiwan recognizes Manila's "goodwill" in its plan to send an envoy but insists that the Philippine government apologize, government spokesman Johnny Chiang reiterated Tuesday.

Manila has maintained that there is no need to apologize to Taiwan over the deportation issue.

Asked by a reporter whether President Ma Ying-jeou will meet with the Philippine envoy, Chang said that will be decided after the Philippines makes an official announcement.

In related news, the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), the Philippines' de facto representative office in Taiwan, declined to comment Thursday on a visit to Taiwan by MECO Chairman Armadeo Perez reportedly to appeal on behalf of Philippine workers who allegedly have been having a hard time returning to their jobs in Taiwan since the deportation controversy.






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